English Football To See Changing Of Guard.In the past decade, the English Premier League has been largely been dominated by three primary clubs - Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Although Liverpool have frequently been bandied together as one of the Huge Four, it has commonly been the former 3 who have contested the title. Apart from a period when Jose Mourinho arrived to blaze a trail in English football, it has been Manchester United who Cheap Air Max 90 have won most of the titles at stake since the advent of this elite division. Under the watchful eye of Sir Alex Ferguson,www.shoes-bags-china.ru  the Red Devils have been the undisputed masters of the domain in which they're competing in.

 Yet the stranglehold the three clubs have held over the rest of the field might be under threat with fresh financial investment pouring into the coffers of other clubs. Although self sufficiency and sustenance is still a subject of much debate inside the Premier League owing to recent situations with clubs like Portsmouth, there's no stopping the rich businessmen and individuals who have decided to make the league their playing ground. Ironically, it was Chelsea who set the wheels in motion when years ago, Russian billionaire rolled into town and fueled the club with his billions on their way to success.

 This time, it really is the group of Manchester City, www.buyshoesclothing.cn Tottenham Hotspur and to a particular extent, Aston Villa, who are raising the markers in laying down their challenge to the old guards of the Premier League. The Eastlands club are the most extravagant of the lot - splashing out millions of pounds in order to force their way into the elite and hoping to displace United as the top club not just in Manchester, but also in the world. Whilst Manchester City appreciate the greater support domestically compared to the Red Devils, their achievements have paled in comparison. City Air Max Australia are also generally the butt of jokes as well as the self deprecating nature of their fans reflect this - so utilized are they to the stumbles their dearest team have made a habit of creating for themselves.

 Tottenham Hotspur, or Spurs as they are popularly known, could not have the deep reserves that Manchester City enjoy, but they're still generously bankrolled by club owner Joe Lewis. Whilst they may possibly not have been able to attract the biggest stars, in Harry Redknapp they've a manager who consistently brings out the most effective in every player he takes under his wings. The club has also focused on signing some of the most promising youngsters in both British and European football with the likes of Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon now flourishing at White Hart Lane. Their tussle for the fourth Champions League spot with Manchester City highlights the progress they've made under Redknapp and most importantly, www.sportsyy.ru a critical mental hurdle they might have finally overcome under his charge. Previously, Spurs were typically the poorer neighbours of Arsenal as they fail to figure amongst English football's biggest prizes despite Cheap Air Max TN being one of the very best supported clubs in the country.It could see the club slip into the shadows of anonymity or the opposite effect could result. O'Neill is undoubtedly a fighter and owner Randy Lerner is nevertheless an ambitious 1. Investment could still pour into the club within the summer and they would undoubtedly continue to figure as 1 of the clubs pushing the established order.

 With Liverpool fading into obscurity as a result of continuing boardroom chaos and no lack of rebuilding in store for Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea when the Premier League season ends, the momentum could slowly shift in the direction of Manchester City and Spurs, and perhaps Villa if they manage to retain their core squad.www.tradingspring.cn While lots of in football maintain that money cannot acquire success overnight, City and Spurs have definitely showed that it can turn sleeping giants into active ones. If the two clubs can balance headline grabbing transfers with results on the pitch, who is to say that the Premier League Massive Four might be considerably unique a few seasons down the road?

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